Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case, Airs Pro 3rd Generation

Available in white, pink, blue, yellow, black, and green, the Airs Pro 3rd Gen Bluetooth Earbuds & Charging Case are currently on sale for £9.99.
The colours are vivid and the case and headphones will match the colour you select. Whether you’re a casual listener or a music addict, you’ll enjoy these new Airs Pro earphones to the fullest.

The headphones have a four-hour playback or talk time on a single charge, and the case doubles as a charger. The earbuds may be charged from dead to working again in about one hour.

Do you think this is a fair offer? The Airs Pro 3rd Generation Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case are currently available for a low £9.99.

After a full charge, the case and earbuds can stay on standby for up to 120 hours. When you open the charging case and place it next to your device, a window will appear showing the exact amount of battery life remaining. This way, you’ll never have to guess whether or not your earbuds and carrying case are fully charged.

You may finally free yourself from being tethered to your gadget and the hassle of untangling earbud cords. These headphones have a range of up to 10 metres, so you may use them with any electronic device! That way, you can leave your gadget in one spot and go wherever you like. The Airs Pro 3rd Gen Earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth V5 and EDR technology for a high-quality audio experience. These earphones have excellent sound quality for both phone calls and music. The 2.4GHZ wireless frequency employed by the earphones is responsible for the superior sound quality and extended battery life of the headphones.

These earbuds are temperature-resistant up to 50 degrees Celsius, so you may listen to music regardless of the weather. The music on these earphones can be controlled with a tap or two on the earbuds’ sides. Without looking at your phone, you can adjust playback, volume, pause/play, and incoming calls.

This feature makes these headphones ideal for use in the workplace or during physical activity. The noise-cancelling feature of these earphones ensures that you won’t be interrupted when listening to music or a podcast.

Turning off the noise suppression feature allows you to once again hear any ambient noise. You can run, jump, and otherwise exert yourself without worrying about these earphones coming out of your ears. The microphone in the earbuds has a sensitivity of -42dB. Your voice will come through crystal clear on phone calls, no matter how loud the environment is around you.

The earbuds’ 13mm driver ensures a deep and strong bass response, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your music. The 13 ohm listening impedance ensures that your music will sound just as the artist or engineer intended. Choose the Airs Pro 3rd Generation Bluetooth Earbuds and Charging Case for an unrivalled audio experience.

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Originally posted 2024-03-08 22:30:18.