Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing Your Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement

One of the most crucial benchmarks for writing your essay is an argumentative essay thesis statement. No matter how much effort you put into structuring your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, the thesis statement is unique. The reader is compelled to read your essay, deciding it based on your thesis statement.

A report published by HMG highlights the importance of writing a thesis statement in your essays. It calls it a backbone that can articulate your position to provide a clear understanding of your point to the reader. It presents the tone of your essay and can provide a roadmap for the whole write-up. That is why the thesis statement must be written with the utmost attention.

To make the process easier and especially assist you in avoiding the common pitfalls in your argumentative essay, the below-mentioned guide must be taken into account. However, behind focusing on writing a perfect thesis statement, don’t forget about structuring your remaining essay. You are only liable to get good grades if your essay is the perfect model of essay writing in every sort.

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What Is Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement for an argumentative essay states the clear position of the writer on a base point. These argumentative essay thesis statements mostly use words like ought to, should, need to, must, have an obligation, or had better. These words show that, if not most of the readers, many will disagree with your statement. And now, it’s up to you to convince the readers of your viewpoint by providing evidence and proper referencing.

In addition, it also uses phrases such as for the number of crucial elements, for a number of reasons, or in many ways. Finally, it can use words like some, many people, may appear, might, can, seem, etc. Using all these phrases or words is meant as a contrasting connector to present your argument.

How to Write Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement?

Writing a thesis statement for argumentative essay seems a daunting task for most of the students. Perhaps due to its difficult terminology, the tone to deliver argument and being concise in your argument delivery.

So, there are some key considerations that you must stick with while presenting your argumentative thesis statement:

  1. The thesis statement for your argumentative essay should not be a universal fact. For example, humans are mortals, and the population of the United States is increasing daily. These are the facts, and there is no reason to argue over them.
  2. The thesis statement of an argumentative essay should not be your statement. For instance, if you say chocolate is more delicious than any other sweet in the world. It’s your opinion, and many others find cupcakes, sweet rice, toffee, etc., more delicious than chocolates.
  3. You must be clear on your standpoint instead of providing a vague idea. For example, if you say that cigarette-smoking manufacturing units should be shut down. The argumentative essay thesis statement ideas state your position on “cigarette smoking”. However, if you say cigarette smoking is a bad idea. The statement is ambiguous, and the reader may be suspicious about what you are trying to say.

If not, it is difficult to implement these points in writing your thesis statements. But if you think of getting expert assistance, there are argumentative essay thesis statement writers to help you.

What Are The 3 Parts of An Argument Thesis Statement?

Now, you are aware of how to present your argumentative thesis statement. To elaborate more, think of the crucial parts of a thesis statement. If you are mindful of these keywords while setting your argument, have peace that you can’t detract from your way.

To set a claim, address three crucial standpoints in your statement.

  • Topic
  • A position
  • Reasoning

The keyword strategy is like an argumentative essay thesis statement template to be followed up to avoid flaws.

The University of Arizona presents comprehensive argumentative essay thesis statement examples of how you can structure these key points in your statement.

What Are The 3 Cs of A Thesis Statement?

There is much guidance on how to write an argumentative essay thesis statement. Some are general guidance, and others are expert opinions describing how to improve it. However, there is an effective key trick for framing it.

Even after reading it many times and making countless revisions, you are still confused about whether it is up to the mark; think of passing it through the filter of 3Cs.

As yourself, if your statement is:

For this purpose, you can read it in peaceful surroundings to know whether it makes sense. Furthermore, depending on these standpoints, ask any other colleague or teacher to provide feedback. Also, if you don’t feel confident implementing these ideas, think of getting argumentative essay thesis statement help from expert writers.

Top 4 Tips to Overcome Pitfalls in Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement

Writing an effective thesis statement can be tricky for students. It seems stressful when they listen to the bulk of the consideration about writing it. They can’t figure out how to implement these regulations while writing it.

However, instead of beating about the bushes, consider the below-mentioned common mistake. Most of the students lose productivity when they overlook these aspects. So, continue reading to make sure that you should not be one of them. Also, consider these points like argumentative essay thesis statement format starters that can enhance the efficiency.

1. Don’t State a Fact or General Agreement

If we tie the whole concept of writing an effective argumentative thesis statement, it would be that your statement must be debatable. Generally speaking, it should be something that can reasonably provide different opinions to different people.

If it is generally agreed upon or, most importantly, a universal fact, it will never be counted under the category of a good statement. You must give your reader a hard time. Even if they disagree with you and you favour the presented standpoint, the statement should at least be thought-provoking.

For instance, consider an example of an argumentative essay thesis statement,

“Junk food is bad for your health.”

The statement seems general, and there is no means to argue about it because we have seen the bad outcomes of this addiction in people’s healthy lives. However, to make it arguable, you must write it like

“The federal government must regulate the sale of sodas at fast food sites to reduce the prevailing health concerns.”

Now, the standpoint in the statement is concise, and the reader must think of regulations rather than agree with a fact. Furthermore, the reader will think of finding solutions in existing domains.

2. Don’t Present an Outrageous Claim

Another important consideration for making your argumentative essay thesis statement is it must be reasonable. Just because you must present your argument does not mean you can give any statement. A statement that is impossible to implement in real life is restricted to the pages on which it is written. Its productivity and acceptance lie in its implementation.

For instance, if you give statements like,

“The city council members stink and should be thrown into jail.”

This is a big statement and seems impossible to implement. Just because the city council members are not responsible for their duties does not mean they should be jailed.

Rather, you can present it like this,

“City council members should be term-limited for preventing a party from maintaining control indefinitely.”

This is a valid point because of the term “limit”. Also, shared political control is a good idea.

3. Don’t Claim a Presupposed Value System

Your argumentative essay thesis statement should be evidence-based rather than relying on religious beliefs, morals or ethics. This belief system is subjective, and everyone practices it according to their understanding. A Christian can agree with a point, and a Muslim will most likely deny it, depending on what is written in their holy script.

So, there is no means to debate over what different religious people believe. Rather, provide an evidence-based statement where several opinions can be given to agree or disagree.

For instance, the statement is not arguable when you present it like,

The individual who was convicted of the murder of an innocent will go to hell in the afterlife.

Rather, you can write it like this,

“Rehabilitation programs who are serving life sentences should be funded to reduce the prevalence of violence in society”.

This statement is evidence-based because various statistics and analyses can be presented here.

4. Don’t Make It Too General

The argumentative essay thesis statement should be focused and narrow. A statement focused on a single key point is more able to be supported by the augments. Rather, presenting broad ideas with no single direction will likely be rejected. For instance, if you give a statement

“The federal government should regulate the U.S. tax code.”

The statement is too general for several reasons, such as,

  • Which part of government you are talking about?
  • Which tax codes do you mean?
  • Even the section of the tax code you targeted?

The statement can be comprehensive as,

“The U.S. House of Representatives should vote to repeal the federal estate tax as revenue generated by the tax is negligible.”

One of the most worthwhile things to avoid pitfalls and remain aligned with the instructions is argumentative essay thesis statement practice, which can make you master this skill. However, if there are still concerns, then it is better to buy argumentative essay thesis statement online.


The above-mentioned guide is enough to highlight the importance of writing argumentative essay thesis statement. We had a detailed account of how much advice is there to make it up to the mark. Students may feel overwhelmed about which one to take into consideration. To help, we provided a tricky 3 Cs formula to check the effectiveness of your statement. However, the students still make common mistakes, and the above points are enough to highlight and sort out them.

Furthermore, besides the thesis statement, we can’t overlook the importance of structuring the remaining essay. It also demands perfection and certain considerations to grant you overall good grades. The process is not very complicated. But if you want, you can get essay writing services in the UK to avail of promising services from expert essay writers.

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