How to choose your chairs and tables like a pro – rocking chairs and side tables

Wherever you look, there they are. Chairs and tables are an unavoidable essential to every room. They serve different purposes and come in various styles, shapes, and materials. They can uplift the room and serve the aesthetic of it. 

If you are considering buying new ones, this article will show you some tips and information that you should consider. Let’s start our journey to finding the perfect chairs and tables for you!

Different kinds of tables and chairs

Firstly, ask yourself what you are looking for. There are many shapes and sizes of tables and chairs. It’s important to know your goals and stick up to them.

So…tables. There are dining tables if you live with a bigger family. They are perfect if you do not live alone. If you do live in a small household, coffee tables are a thing for you. 

Side tables are tables that you put next to a couch, sofa or chair. They are immensely practical because some types are made for storage. So if you have some extra stuff that you don’t have space for, metal, glass or solid wooden side tables are the solution.

When it comes to chairs, the main ones are dining chairs and armchairs. For saving up space you should buy folding chairs and if you have a bar, bar stools come in handy. For a little twist, there are also rocking chairs. They are perfect for just relaxing and enjoying your day, totally laid back.

Rocking chairs and side tables – Furniture with a twist

These types of chairs and tables are becoming more and more popular because of their wide range of shapes, decorative purpose and practicality. 

Rocking chairs were always a thing. They became a cliche and an association for relaxation. Hugely comfortable, they are used mostly for free time. A rocking chair is leaned back. If you are looking for a working chair, these are not for you. If wood matches the aesthetic of your room, you shouldn’t have any problems with finding a perfect chair. They can come in other materials, so no stressing, your chair is out there waiting to be picked out.

On the other hand, side tables are multi-practical. Side tables can have drawers and extra space for other things and they are also perfect for putting decoration on them. If you want a cute little table to put your books or plants on, or perhaps a bigger side table to hide your extra stuff in, there are many tables on the market you can choose from.

Styles and accessories of different rooms

Before buying anything you should make sure that the item that you are buying is the right fit for your room. It is recommended to look up different styles of rooms. Some of them are minimalistic, modern, rustic, bohemian, industrial and so on. 

Chairs and tables can have a decorative purpose. If your room is minimalist, the side table that you are looking for should be monochromatic and simple. Vice versa, if you like the bohemian style the chairs should contain a funky pattern so that it compliments the room.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

You should regularly remove dust and clean the surfaces. Do not use harsh chemicals. Wood tables require specific care. Use a wood cleaner suitable for the type of wood and finish. Apply furniture polish or wax as needed to maintain the wood’s luster and protect it. On glass tables just use glass cleaner. 


If you read the article carefully, you shouldn’t have a problem with finding a good chair or table. Remember to match the furniture with the style that you are aiming for and also buy something at the same time practical and aesthetic. Take good care of your stuff and consider the cleaning tips mentioned. 

Chairs and side tables can be a huge essential to your place and by choosing correctly, you can make the room of your dreams!

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Originally posted 2023-10-27 11:29:29.