KSI concedes that the illegal elbow he used to knock out Joe Fournier was a factor in his victory

KSI conceded that his victory with Joe Fournier was tainted because he used an illegal elbow to knock out the nightclub owner.

The YouTube boxer, who previously knocked out FaZe Temperrrr in January, engaged in his second fight of the year this past weekend. Instant replay showed that the fight-ending hit was an elbow, casting doubt on whether or not KSI should have been credited with the knockout. After KSI landed a powerful overhand right on Fournier, the sequence began and he began to wobble.
As a result of his disappointment, Fournier has stated that he will file an appeal with the PBA [Professional Boxing Association], the organization responsible for regulating the bout. While KSI denied using an elbow to knock out Fournier in their post-fight interview, “The Nightmare” has since posted a statement on Twitter accepting responsibility for the illegal strike.I trained extremely hard for this fight and endured a rigorous regimen,” he stated.”Being in the ring and raising my hand in front of my incredible and devoted supporters is the greatest feeling in the world. I despise the fact that the inevitable triumph has been soiled. I hate it!

Joe gripped me and collapsed into me as I aimed for a quick right hook after landing my overhand and sent him down. I caught the hook, and it looks like my glove made contact, but then my forearm did as well. I’m disappointed that the victory wasn’t as decisive as I’d hoped, because it undercuts all of my hard work in the gym. In any case, I value your interest and hope you enjoyed the program. I apologize to the many disappointed fans. I am the most so of all people.After KSI defeated Fournier, he and Love Island star Tommy Fury squared up in the ring, and they butted heads to the point where security had to intervene. According to Fournier, KSI’s elbow was not unintentional, hence he demands that the victory be changed to a loss by disqualification.

“I’m not here to lie or make excuses, he did hit me with some great right hands,” Fournier admitted. He didn’t have to, but after experiencing the force of my blows, he decided to. This should result in a loss for them and another victory for me. My professional reputation is unaffected by this, but I believe that if you are defrauded, you have an obligation to make things right.

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Originally posted 2023-08-02 01:43:29.