What are the advantages of in-ground trampolines?

Everyone knows that trampolines offer many health benefits, for children and adults alike. From improving balance, coordination, and muscle strength to getting Vitamin D exposure while playing outside in the sun, trampolining is a great way to stay happy and healthy.

However, the idea of a trampoline frame taking up space in their garden and obstructing the view isn’t as appealing to many parents and homeowners. An alternative option is to bury a trampoline in the ground, allowing people to jump at ground level instead. 

Also known as sunken trampolines or underground trampolines, the innovative features of in-ground trampolines make them an ever more popular choice for many families. 

If you’re wondering whether an in-ground trampoline is worth the investment, here are five advantages of in-ground trampolines to help you decide for yourself.

Increased safety

Safety is the most important factor when installing a trampoline, especially if young children will be playing on it. The biggest risk that comes with above-ground trampolines is falling from a height, either from jumping very high or trying to climb off the raised frame.

In-ground trampolines greatly reduce this risk and enhance safety by setting the bouncing surface at ground level. Users won’t be jumping high above the ground and can walk right on and off. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the frame coming loose and tipping over.

Additionally, as the trampoline is fitted carefully into the ground, it’s not possible for children or pets to crawl underneath and risk being injured by anyone bouncing above. There are typically also vented safety pads around the edges to prevent hands or feet from getting stuck in small gaps.

Injuries from falling off an in-ground trampoline will be far less serious than falling from an above-ground trampoline, but to avoid them happening at all, most in-ground trampolines will also come with a safety net enclosure to prevent users from bouncing out of the trampoline’s perimeters. 

Of course, any time a child is bouncing on any kind of trampoline, adult supervision is still necessary even with extra safety measures to make sure they use the equipment properly.

Easy to access

As there are no ladders or steps to climb to get onto a sunken trampoline, it’s far more accessible. Not only does this efficiency reduce the risk of trips and falls, but it also saves time when getting on and off the trampoline, allowing more time for play.

The greater level of accessibility also allows people who wouldn’t be able to climb onto an above-ground trampoline to enjoy the health benefits of trampolining. Not just small children, but also those with mobility issues that may restrict movement.

Alongside the increased safety mentioned above, this also means that kids or adults with special needs or elderly relatives can have a go on the trampoline without worrying about injury. It can offer a gentle form of physical therapy that’s fun and exciting. 

Secure in the ground

Another safer aspect of in-ground trampolines is that they are specially designed to be installed securely in the ground. Anchoring the legs of an above-ground trampoline isn’t always effective, and you can’t simply bury an above-ground trampoline, because it isn’t designed for that.

As silly as it might sound, above-ground trampolines can often be pulled from the ground and blown away in strong winds, even if the owner has attempted to tie them down. They can cause damage to the owner’s property, or be blown into other buildings, or even power lines, cars, or people.

There is very little chance of this happening with a trampoline that’s been purpose-built into the ground, promising enhanced stability. However, you should still take down an in-ground trampoline’s safety net in windy or stormy weather, as that part won’t be secured into the ground.  

Better aesthetics

The concept of an in-ground trampoline is simple – you dig a hole in your yard large enough for the trampoline system, reinforce the walls of the hole, and install the trampoline so it’s flush with the edges and level with the ground around it. 

Even with a raised safety net surrounding it, the end result is less obtrusive than a bulky above-ground trampoline. The profile of an in-ground trampoline is far more streamlined, which is especially beneficial if your garden is on the smaller side.

This means sunken trampolines help to keep your garden more aesthetically pleasing, blending into your landscaping efforts instead of severely disrupting the visuals. So, if appearance is a priority for you, an in-ground trampoline will always be the winning choice.

Less maintenance

Being built into the soil, the system underneath an in-ground trampoline isn’t as accessible as an above-ground trampoline, which is why the parts are made from the most durable materials and designed to last for longer with less interference. 

Above-ground trampoline frames are more exposed to the elements, with an increased risk of rust, corrosion, and wind damage. In comparison, the underground system of a sunken trampoline is protected and incorporates features for water drainage.

Similarly, an in-ground trampoline replaces a small section of the garden instead of sitting on top of it. You don’t have to worry about grass and weeds growing up underneath it, or the hassle of mowing the lawn around and under a raised trampoline frame.

Higher durability and less damage mean an in-ground trampoline is likely to have a longer lifespan. Of course, this depends on using the trampoline properly, cleaning it regularly, and keeping an eye on the parts for any signs of wear over time that might require repairs or replacements.

Is installing an in-ground trampoline worth it?

Some people may prefer traditional above-ground trampolines for their portability and ease of installation, as well as generally being cheaper. However, the advantages of in-ground trampolines far outweigh the potential drawbacks of a higher upfront cost and more complex installation.

More homeowners are choosing to sink their trampolines into the ground for enhanced stability, safety, and aesthetics. Combined with easier use, fewer maintenance requirements, and increased longevity, these factors all make in-ground trampolines a worthwhile investment.

With just a bit of extra planning and preparation, including choosing a suitable model from a trusted supplier of high-quality in-ground trampolines, a sunken trampoline could soon be an asset to your family’s home and fitness. Don’t be surprised if friends and family suddenly start visiting more often!

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Originally posted 2023-08-01 14:05:54.